Venture Investment School

Successful investing begins with knowledge and preparation. Start exploring the world of investment with Venture Investment School, organized by VentureRocket Eurasia and our partners - AIFC Fintech Hub, Starta Ventures, and Qazangels.
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What’s Venture Investment School?

This is a 3-day online educational program for first-time investors and people willing to learn the art of diversifying their investment portfolio. We will teach you how and what startups to invest in with minimal investment risks.

3 Online Sessions

3 Invited Speakers

Demo Day

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Why Join Us?


Online Format

Attend the event directly from home - we offer 3 educational sessions (90 min each), all done online.


Networking Opportunities

Venture Investment School is a perfect place for making connections within peers, communicating with field experts, and finding interesting startups.


Experienced Experts

Our speakers are experienced venture capital experts or active investors will share their presentations on different relevant investment-related topics.



Practice evaluating startups correctly. On Demo Day, you’ll get a unique opportunity to analyze startups together with the invited investors.


Investor Certificate

Venture Investment School will finish with granting an Investor Certificate - an e-document confirming that you have completed investor courses.


A to Z Investment Topics

Learn everything you need to know about venture investment - from how the venture investment market works to selecting and evaluating startups, steps of a deal flow, typical mistakes to avoid, and much more.


Opportunity to Become a Part of VentureRocket Eurasia

We are open to new investors willing to join our network. To become our Ecosystem Member, please go here.


Investment Opportunities

This event is a great chance to find and invest in interesting startups vetted and invited by our team.


calendar 11-13 May

This is a 3-day online educational program for first-time investors and people willing to learn the art of diversifying their investment portfolio. We will teach you how and what startups to invest in with minimal investment risks.

Chapter 1

Olzhas Zhiyenkulov - Introduction to Venture Investment

  • Key differences between a startup and a classic business
  • Who early-stage investors are, how, and why to invest in startups
  • How the venture market works
  • Portfolio diversification. Allocating a certain % of your fortune to startups increases return on investment and reduces volatility.

Chapter 2

Alexey Girin - How to Build a High-Quality Investment Funnel and Find a Promising Investment Object

  • What the pipeline is: how to source and scout startups. Where to find promising startups
  • Potential deal flow overview: accelerators, investor clubs, seed and venture funds
  • Independent search and analysis of projects: building an investment pipeline
  • How to evaluate a startup by criteria: competence, technology, product, business model, profitability, people, markets, competition
  • Initial assessment of the investment suitability based on key metrics, due diligence
  • Key red flags

Chapter 3

Arslan Kudiyar - Deal Closing

  • Key legal aspects
  • Term sheet
  • Deal structuring

Chapter 4

Demo Day

  • Startup presentations (3-6 projects)
  • Analyzing the key metrics and indicators
  • Analyzing investment opportunities in practice with early-stage investors (Invited VC)
  • Networking
  • Introduction of VentureRocket Eurasia


image speakers

Olzhas Zhiyenkulov

CEO at Paladigm Capital, Founder of Tesla Capital, an active investor.


Olzhas Zhiyenkulov is a fund manager, entrepreneur, and early-stage impact investor with over 10 years of experience in asset management, venture capital, financial inclusion, insurance, brokerage, investment strategy, financial modeling, anti-money laundering, and due diligence.

Currently, he is the CEO at Paladigm Capital – a Singapore-based investment fund, and the Founder of Tesla Capital – an international early-stage impact venture capital firm based in Singapore that supports tens of early-stage startups that aim at society transforming.

image speakers

Alexey Girin

Co-Founder and General Partner at Starta Ventures Capital and Accelerator.


Has 15 years of experience in audit and finance and 10 years of experience in the venture capital industry.

In 2010, Alexey became the Co-Founder and General Partner of Starta Capital, the portfolio of which now includes a number of deep tech startup companies.

In 2015, together with Ekaterina Dorozhkina, Starta Capital’s Managing Partner, they launched Starta Accelerator – a New York City-based program that aims to empower startups with Eastern European roots and frontier technology.

image speakers

Arslan Kudiyar

Chief Executive Officer at VentureRocket Eurasia, Head of VC Support at AIFC Fintech.


Has 7 years of experience in Investments, M&A advisory, and financial

Sector. Within Fintech Hub and VentureRocket Eurasia, Arslan is responsible for developing the VC ecosystem, developing crowdfunding platform for startups, advising startups and VC funds on deal structuring, advising fintech participants on business development and product-market fit, advising startups on fundraising, developing angel investors’ community, and more.

Before joining AIFC and VentureRocket Eurasia, Arslan participated in M&A lead advisory and M&A support projects within banking, oil & gas, and communication sectors.

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