Dec 30, 2022

2022 at VentureRocket Eurasia: Recap

2022 is coming to its end, which means it’s high time to recall what’s happened at VentureRocket Eurasia this year:


🟣 The VentureRocket Eurasia platform was joined by new ecosystem players – 37 investors and 60 startups


🟣Our team attended many online and offline events, organized by our partners, as well as held our own events – VC Guide for Founders, VRE Pitch Session, Startup Fundraising Insights as a part of  AIFC the International Investor Week in AIFC,  and a closed roundtable VC Talks.


We will inform you about the next round table – stay tuned. 😉


🟣The Uzbekistani retail startup BILLZ raised $650,000 from Quest Ventures on the VentureRocket Eurasia platform.


🟣Bank4.Me, an online banking platform that enables installments from many banks in one intercountry service, raised $300,000 from MyVentures on VentureRocket Eurasia.


🟣We started collaborating with Starta VC, AltaClub, SkyBridge, and Accelerate Prosperity.


🟪What’s Next?

🟣AIFC Tech Hub and Starta VC are holding Starta Angels in 2023.

The exact date and registration link will be available soon. Stay tuned!

🟣In 2023, we are launching the Investment Club together with our partners – a space that will unite VC funds, business angels, and educational institutions to empower them with more investment and educational opportunities supported by the Central Asian VC ecosystem players.


Our team is wishing you happy and peaceful holidays and see you all in 2023! 😉


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