Jul 4, 2022

Astana Finance Days: Main Takeaways by VentureRocket Eurasia

From June  27-29th,  VentureRocket was honored to join Astana Finance Days 2022 – the major VC event that unites the best Central Asian VCs and startups.

We were happy to speak about the development of venture capital in Central Asia as well as listen to the leading regional VC experts like Daniel Seal, James Tan, Max Gurvits, Alim Khamitov, Shakhboz Rakhmanov, Dilshod Zufarov, and Alexey Girin who shared their thoughts on VC:


🟣Investors should collaborate and do common work together instead of competing.


🟣 Kazakhstan is the new Central Asian Singapore.


🟣Government should support and empower VC frameworks, making AIFC’s VC legal framework one law for all regional VCs.


🟣The main 5 pillars of the VC market in the region are startups, educational institutions, venture capital, corporates, and government.


🟣Many founders lack skills in building pitch decks and knowledge in raising funds.


🟣Kazakhstani startups should first develop in the neighboring markets before entering the US one.


We’re happy to see more and more players joining the ecosystem every year and believe that together we will make the Central AsianVC market more powerful.

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