Aug 11, 2022

Blockchain VC Stats 2022

With VC investments in blockchain solutions reaching $26.9 billion in 2021, almost all fintech experts believe blockchain is currently a mainstream technology.


What have Q1 and Q2 been like for blockchain startups in 2022?


We have analyzed global blockchain VC resources to find the answer:


🟣In Q1 2022, crypto startups raised a record sum of money, with 28 investment rounds being worth $100 million or more


🟣A record number of 62 crypto unicorns appeared globally in Q1 2021


🟣In Q2 2022, blockchain VC funding fell by 29%


🟣However, the quarter’s total deal value was the fourth-largest for blockchain and crypto startups in Q2 2022


🟣VC funding moved from centralized exchanges and wallets to NFTs, gaming,  and decentralized apps in Q2 2022


🟣81% of all investments went to early-stage blockchain startups in Q2 2022


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