Mar 24, 2022

Bringing More Co-Investment Opportunities to Central Asia: VentureRocket Eurasia Partners with SkyBridge Invest

We are happy to announce our strategic partnership with SkyBridge Invest.

SkyBridge Invest is the first asset management company in Kazakhstan that builds mutual investment funds. Apart from that, SKyBridge Invest provides brokerage services, account management activities, and financial advisory, and is the first company in Kazakhstan to develop algorithmic investment strategies which show already 5 years of constant profitability for more than 12 percent per year.


“SkyBridge is more than just a good investment company, it’s a loyal and secure partner not just to save money from inflation, but to build right investment strategies to make most of it with a controlled level of risks. We are distinguished by developing non-standard solutions for our clients, especially in the B2B market”, – says the CEO of SkyBridge Invest.

In this collaboration, VentureRocket Eurasia and SkyBridge Invest will mutually share the pipeline of projects and organize events for startups and investors’ education.


“At VentureRocket Eurasia, we are on a mission to drive the regional startup ecosystem, by introducing more valuable market players as well as bringing and facilitating more investment opportunities on our platform. In close collaboration with SkyBridge Invest, who is committed to delivering non-conventional and high-quality game-changing solutions to investors, we believe we’ll be able to bring much value to the development of the VC market of the region ” – says Arslan Kudiyar, the CEO at VentureRocket Eurasia.


 As a part of our partnership, SkyBridge Invest will also act as a lead investor of the platform and use VentureRocket Eurasia for investments’ syndication to help startups raise more capital.


“Innovation is one of the core values of our company. And we will be glad to use our expertise in the selection of perspective ideas for venture investing and startups for the benefit of our Customers. SkyBridge will be also helping startups in making papers right to give the full picture of the companies to possible investors”, – adds the management team of SkyBridge Invest.



To contact SkyBridge Invest, please, go here.

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