Sep 9, 2022

Cerebra is Raising $2000 000!

Great news from Cerebra!


The innovative healthtech startup from Kazakhstan is raising $ 2 million in its Pre-Series A round.

There are commitments covering 50% of the investment round already. Cerebra has received a commitment from Quest Ventures and will get additional dollar-to-dollar financing from Singapore Government (StartUp SG Equity).


The round will be structured via the SAFE note with a 20% discount in the AIFC jurisdiction.


As part of this Pre-Series A, Cerebra is raising $200 000 on the VentureRocket Eurasia platform. This is an opportunity for our members to lead and co-invest with experienced angel investors and VCs via venture syndicate (the minimum ticket size is $10 000).

The fundraising campaign will be valid till the end of September 2022.


To connect with Cerebra, feel free to register on VRE here.


❗This publication does not mean a call-to-action to invest in the startup. In considering investments, you should inform yourself and be aware of the risks. 

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