Apr 13, 2022

Creating an SPC via VentureRocket Eurasia and AIFC

As we’ve mentioned in one of the previous articles, co-investing is a process of investing in a startup by a lead investor and co-investors.

On the VentureRocket Eurasia platform, we provide co-investing opportunities in vetted tech startups in a fully regulated environment, by enabling the creation of an SPC through AIFC.

AIFC acts as an international center for business and finance in Central Asia that works to attract investment opportunities to the region, by deal matching and facilitating investment deals through its platform.


The jurisdiction of AIFC is based on the transparent and flexible English Common Law that complies with all global standards.



Not so long time ago, the CIS investors most often had to register their SPCs in foreign jurisdictions to be able to co-invest, which in its turn created additional costs, paperwork, and risks.

Thanks to the conditions created by AIFC, any accredited investor can currently register an SPC following easy and streamlined steps on the AIFC platform.

What is an SPC?
An SPC – a Special Purpose Company – is a compliant entity created for a specific purpose, e.g., investing in a business venture.

At VentureRocket Eurasia, once a lead investor and co-investors decide to jointly invest in a chosen startup, they provide investments to an SPC that on their behalf provides capital to that startup.

Creating an SPC through VentureRocket Eurasia and AIFC comes with a number of vital advantages:


✅Limited liability.

No minimum size of the authorized capital is required for registration.

No AIFC office rental.

No need to conduct the core business operation activities at AIFC.

✅No requirements for conducting an annual meeting of the Board shareholders.

No restrictions are imposed on foreign ownership of an entity.

No need to submit annual reports to the Registrator of the SPC.

✅Creating an SPC formalizes and makes the relations between the co-investors official.

✅Establishing an SPC provides additional legal protection to all co-investors.




To establish an SPC via VentureRocket Eurasia and AIFC, one should follow quick steps saving time and costs. The procedure includes an online process that can be conducted within minutes: 


✅Register by this link – https://digitalresident.kz/#/signup

Log in as an individual, responsible for registration, or a director/shareholder of the company, registered in the AIFC.

Select the SPC registration application form.

Fill in the application.

Commit a one-time $300 payment for your registration.


On the VentureRocket Eurasia platform, we provide access to a big pool of promising Central Asian tech startups, carefully selected by our team, coming from different industries – from fintech to blockchain, edtech to healthtech, agrotech to entertainment, and much more.

Stay tuned to be the first one to know about the next startup’s fundraising campaign.


Register on the VentureRocket Eurasia platform here.

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