Jan 20, 2022

Fraud Detection: How We Prevent Frauds on VentureRocket Eurasia

In 2021, $280 496 804 have been lost due to different financial scams. Unfortunately, the biggest number of scams occurred on online investment platforms – $150 million.


Fraudsters are actively using online investment platforms, even the well-known and tested ones, like Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, or Fidelity, to steal money (last year, more than $100 million were stolen through these platforms).


With this in mind, we strongly believe that ensuring fraud detection and prevention systems on the VentureRocket Eurasia platform is a must.


How do we prevent fraud cases on VentureRocket Eurasia?
Currently, only approved professional investors can invest on VentureRocket Eurasia. To ensure real investors operate on our platform, we thoroughly check all the investors registered on our platform. Besides, all investors willing to participate in the fundraising campaigns are to go through the KYC/AML procedures set up on our platform.


In case a fake investor manages to get registered on VentureRocket Eurasia, there is another step preventing mischievous actions. To invest in a chosen fundraising campaign, all investors must undergo the whitelisting process established on VentureRocket Eurasia. They are obliged to submit the AML form, Risk Acknowledgement form, and other KYC documents. After our admin checks and approves these forms, the startup itself can also request additional documents from the investor.


Only on passing the whitelisting process, the investor can start committing money to a project.


To raise funds o VentureRocket Eurasia, feel free to join our platform at https://company.venturerocket.vc/


To co-invest in vetted tech startups, please, register here – https://eco.venturerocket.vc/


P.S. In case of receiving suspicious messages from doubtful investors on VentureRocket Eurasia, we kindly ask you to inform us at [email protected]

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