Mar 30, 2022

What Are The Main Benefits of Co-Investing

As the name states, co-investing is the process of funding a project jointly. Contrary to traditional individual investing, in co-investing, a Limited Partner allocates its capital directly to a company alongside or following a VC/PE investor. 


Currently, co-investing is gaining its popularity both in the CIS world and globally, with around 1,600 non-traditional investors from different countries helping startups raise funds.


According to global surveys, 80% of investors believe their joint investment has outperformed their private investment.


So, why is co-investing so attractive? Let’s take a look at its major benefits:


✔️Funding large projects requires big sums of money that are easier to provide if you invest together with someone.


✔️Co-investing is always about sharing risks between all the investing parties.


✔️Providing capital alongside the investment fund lets you gain more insights into the portfolio company through the fund data exposure.


✔️As a co-investor, you can invest in startups with a lower investment ticket size. In our experience, it may be a minimum of $20 000.


✔️ Joining a co-investment platform saves lots of time – all promising startups are collected in one place, without a need for you to look for them individually.


✔️Leveraging a co-investment platform saves your money – there are usually no fees for joining such a platform, and the transaction costs are reduced too.


At VentureRocket Eurasia, we offer the first Central Asian digital platform for co-investment in a fully regulated environment. 


Soon, a retail startup from Uzbekistan, BILLZ, is launching its second fundraising campaign on VentureRocket Eurasia, in addition to other technology startups from fintech, security, edtech, retail, agrotech, etc. raising funds on our platform.

Start co-investing in proven promising projects – register here.


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