Nov 1, 2022

Q&As with Paul Semelit, Our Account Manager


Meet Paul, our Account Manager.


At VentureRocket Eurasia, he manages the internal processes of the team, as well as communicates directly with clients, and acts as one of those who evaluate and onboard startups to the platform.


We often receive emails with questions from startups. Thus, we’ve asked Paul to give short answers to the most frequently asked ones.


🟣How is startup registration conducted on the VRE platform?

 The registration of the startups starts from the VRE website. On the main page, you will find a button redirecting to the platform. After that, the company fills out a form and confirms the created profile. The admin checks the startup and then accepts or rejects the startup application. The latter happens if a startup does not meet the requirements specified on our website.


🟣How is investor whitelisting conducted and who whitelists investors on the platform?

After starting a fundraising campaign, an investor who wants to participate in it must be whitelisted. This includes filling out a KYC form, signing a Client Agreement with VRE, and a video call to verify the identity of the investor. The platform admin whitelists investors.


🟣How does a startup launch a fundraising campaign on VRE?

A startup that meets the requirements mentioned on our website has to be evaluated by the VRE team. This covers an assessment of a startup’s product and business model, an analysis of financial and legal documents, etc. After the startup is approved by the Investment Committee, the startup signs a Client Agreement with VRE, after which it is allowed to start its fundraising.


🟣How can a startup promote its project on the platform?

The obvious way is to use your profile to the fullest. Create an informative profile that will describe the project in a good way, show the team, add the updated pitch deck, attach links to the demo video of the product, etc.


In addition, our platform informs everyone on the platform about the current fundraising campaigns.


🟣How does the VRE team participate in a startup’s fundraising campaign?

After signing the agreement with VRE,  our team actively helps the startup raise funds. We connect with the right investor, selecting the one whose profile best matches the capabilities and goals of the project. We also guide in legal matters and structure the investment deal. In addition, our team supports the startup with PR during and after attracting investments.


🟣Do you provide advisory services to startups?

Currently, we do not offer advisory services to startups. However, we contribute to startup education by organizing various events and writing educational materials. On our site, you will find articles on relevant topics. Recently, our parental company, AIFC Tech Hub, released the VC Guide. In it, we describe investment tools, explain the particularities of the AIFC regulation, analyze startup cases, etc.


Do you have any questions left? Write to us at [email protected]


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