Apr 27, 2022

Startup Pitch Deck Tips from VentureRocket Eurasia

On investment platforms like VentureRocket Eurasia, all investment deals are done online – your pitch deck is the only thing investors can rely on before clicking on the “Invest” button.


It gives your potential investor the right (or wrong?) picture of what your product is all about and why it’s worth investing in. That’s why it’s so important that you build an attractive and trustworthy startup presentation. 


Our team of VC experts has got vast experience in evaluating startups. Based on that, we’ve made a step-by-step guide to help you create a winning startup pitch deck.


Your startup presentation should contain 10 -15 slides covering the following topics:


1) Introduction. This slide should contain the project’s name, logo, and a short and clear description of the product.


2) Problem. Here, you need to describe the problem your startup aims to solve. Make sure the explanation is done from the point of view of your potential client, whom you will offer your solution.


3) Solution. This is a very important slide where you are to describe the technology behind your product.


4) Business Model. Define whether your business model is SaaS or subscription.


Describe how and where the revenue will be generated, what sales channels you will use, the product/service cost, the average bill, and your customer lifecycle.


5) Market. This part should answer the following questions:

✔️What market do you operate in?

✔️What is its total volume?

✔️What is the market share you aim to cover?


Use TAM, SAM, and SOM metrics here.


6) Performance Traction. Talk about indicators that have already been achieved:

✔️Number of active users of your product

✔️Cost per User Acquisition (CAC)


✔️Any indicators of the unit economy


7) Team. Describe your team members – their experience and key competencies.

Adding any kind of information about prior experience, successful projects, and unsuccessful launches will be a plus too.


8) Competitors. Make sure your product does have competitors (no investor will believe you if you say there are no competitors in your industry). Make a list of global and local competitors and describe their strengths and weaknesses compared to your product.


9) Roadmap. Make a short visible presentation of the further development of your product/service for several years.


10) Investment Round. How much money do you want to attract? What percentage are you willing to give? Specify the terms of the investment round you are in and give your plan on how the raised funds will be used.


On the VentureRocket Eurasia platform, we connect promising Central Asian tech startups, carefully selected by our team, with accredited professional investors from around the globe.


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