Feb 8, 2022

Venture Investments in Kazakhstan: 2021 Recap

According to Crunchbase, global venture funding reached its recording measurements in 2021, totaling $643 billion.

Over the past two years, venture capital raising in Central Asia has increased by 28%. The venture market of Kazakhstan has also shown positive changes:

✔️The most common industries venture capitalists invested in 2021 in were healthtech, fintech, edtech, logistics, and others.

✔️The top 10 Kazakhstani startups managed to raise from $10 000 to $3 000000.

✔️We have analyzed the Kazakhstani top 10 venture investments based on the 5Q’s research. Let’s see what startups belong to them:

JET – a Kazakhstan-based service enabling e-renting of a scooter, with the ability to ensure your rental. The raised $ 3,000,000 from private Kazakhstani and Russian investors are planned to be spent on expanding activities to Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Cerebraan AI-powered software that enables automated stroke diagnosing within 10 minutes. The startup received an investment of $ 1,000,000 which the team is planning to spend on installing the technology in all stroke centers in Kazakhstan

CTOgram – a platform that helps drivers find car services from trusted suppliers. The raised $ 700,000 will be used to implement CTOgram throughout the CIS.


Clockster – a time management platform for HR managers that enables time tracking, timetable management, and even biofeedback (checking temperature and face recognition). In summer, the team raised $ 450,000 in investment from the 500 Global accelerator.


Adapt – a mobile app that enables launching an online store directly from your mobile device. The American venture fund, 500 Global, invested $ 250,000 in the startup in December 2021.

ApartX is a SaaS platform that enables daily real estate rental. The team provides its users with software, smart lock, and video recorder applied to the apartment. In March 2021, the startup raised an investment of $ 130,000.


OneVision is a service that enables accepting online payments for a website, online store, or application equipped with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay integrations. The startup attracted $100,000 thanks to its participation in the Investment Readiness Accelerator program from the MOST Ventures fund.

Terenoi – an educational pltform for children and adults that offers online lessons based on individual methodologies. In August 2021, the startup raised  $100 000.

Squares.kz – the first app in Kazakhstan enabling renting of premises for any event – a concert, meetup, conference, etc. The project attracted $ 100,000  from Shanyraq within a few months after launching.

Logizi – the first logistics solutions integrator in Kazakhstan. The service allows to manage all delivery services in one interface and analyze the main indicators of logistics performance. In July, Logizi received a $ 50,000 certificate from Quest Ventures.


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