Dec 31, 2021

VentureRocket Eurasia: 2021 in Review

This year has been special to us since it’s the start of the VentureRocket Eurasia success story.


What’s been done?

✔️We have launched our digital platform – Central Asia’s first startup management and co-investment environment that connects vetted tech startups from Central Asia with accredited institutional investors from all over the world.


✔️We’ve been officially licensed, by becoming an official member of AIFC.


✔️We have conducted the Venture Investment School – an online three-day educational event focused on first-time venture investors that gathered 300+ participants and finished with the Demo Day.



✔️We have connected with amazing partners, like Qazangels, Astana Hub, Sturgeon Capital, Zerde, Almaty Tech Garden,  MOST Ventures, Quest Ventures, and others.


✔️In December, the first startup, Billz, started its fundraising campaign on VentureRocket Eurasia.



Billz is an Uzbekistan-based all-in-one retail management solution for small and medium-size online and offline retailers, powered with POS, analytics, e-commerce, and financial tools as well as retail education opportunities for retail startup teams. To learn more about Billz, register here.



We’d like to thank the whole team and our partners for supporting us, putting so much effort and love into our synergy, and helping us develop the startup ecosystem in the region.



Happy holidays everyone!

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