Dec 2, 2022

Welcome to Kazakhstan: Titanium Technologies Group Visists VentureRocket Eurasia

Last week, our amazing team from Titanium Technologies Group, one of the founding companies of VentureRocket Eurasia, visited Kazakhstan.

Titanium Technologies Group is a group of a global group of R&D centers and innovation companies that delivers top-notch R&D and venture studio services. In addition, Titanium Technologies Group holds Web3 and Data Science Divisions.


Our Partner, Asaf Yosifov, and Titanium’s CTO, Alex Cucer,  came to Astana and Almaty to spend quality time with the team, enjoy team building activities, as well as meet with our dear ecosystem players, like AIFC Tech Hub, Tele2, Astana GameDev Hub, Transtelecom, and others.


We also used this trip as an opportunity to host VC Talks together. Thanks to Starta VC, Paxaro, Plug&Play, Tech Hub AIFC, AltaClub, Activat, Nazarbayev University, Nuris, Quest Ventures, Astana Hub, and others for joining our round table.

It was great to see everyone in person and exchange our ideas on the regional VC market development in the future.

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